Jörge & Felix. Plot

An italian family moves to Scandinavia.

The little son, compelled to leave his world, is catapulted into a different, apparently hostile, reality. His family drives him to socialize with his neighbor. The two kids start “playing” with stereotypes, turning them into enormous monsters that invade the city.

Let’s try to imagine, with child look, what could happen in a “duel” between northen and southern Europe… a fight to the last doodle!

Jörge & Felix - Teaser

Jörge & Felix di Marta Palazzo e Lorenzo Latrofa.
Cortometraggio prodotto da La Sarraz Pictures con il riconoscimento di interesse culturale da parte del MiBAC.
Sound design e mix Fabio Seri.

Character Design

Character design development
We go on stylizing more and more. We try to highlight the two opposite personalities by using different strokes:
rounded shapes and warm colors for the italian kid,
rigid lines and cool colors for the scandinavian one.

We got the character design!
Once we found the right design for the two kids, we set the kind of process (software etc…).
We also decide to emphasize the difference between the two looks.
The Scandinavian boy in shy, “hipster”, well equipped for the Northen hard winter.
The Italian one is “tamarro” (like the popular soccer player look), always bored and unequipped for snow!


Studying backgrounds
The location allows to tell about the deep differences between the two countries, through architecture and natural landscapes:
the Nordic Countries with their clean shapes, woods, brisk weather, in opposition with Southern traditional buildings sunshine, the Mediterranean.

Initially we opted for a colored scenic design, but then we chose a more grahic design.
Less color makes the atmosphere more gloomy, to tell how a child see an unknow country after leaving.

Jorge & Felix
(A story to tell to… who?)

This is a story of integration, unified Europe, curiosity…
But, above all, a story of a play between kids.

When we think about animation, our first thought goes to children, and that’s why this short movie is about them. But that’s not all. It is the story of two opposite european cultures and the way they look at each other, through several clichés, initially as foreigners, then with curiosity, tells the complex dynamics of a two strangers encounter: once they are free from prejudice, they try to know each other in a “monstrous” battle.